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A Hong Kong based charity committed to equality and the betterment of Hong Kong.
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Mission and Values

The mission of The Zubin Foundation is to raise awareness on social issues that do not receive enough attention in Hong Kong.

The focus of The Zubin Foundation is on important, often marginalised, social issues where people in Hong Kong are denied dignity, respect and sometimes life itself.

Hong Kong is our home and our vested interest is to have a more inclusive and stronger Hong Kong.

We are a values-driven organisation. Our aims are:

Value for life
We value life and believe that all life must be treated with dignity and respect.

We value honesty: and integrity is about being authentic to our beliefs.

Diversity and Inclusion
We appreciate the importance of diversity of thought and seek to be inclusive in our engagement and work.

Our work will be delivered to the highest possible professional level.

We believe that a transparent organisation is critical for building trust and partnerships in the community.

We seek to collaborate with partners - individuals, organisations, companies and the government, both at home and abroad.

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