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A Hong Kong based charity committed to equality and the betterment of Hong Kong.
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What We Do

In order for us to understand the social issues that we address, and effect the change that we seek, we do the following:

Engage with stakeholders
We know that social issues can be vast and complex. We are committed to learning and collaborating with others, so that we can learn other points of view and can bring innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Conduct and commission research
Our work is research driven and as objective as possible.

Raise awareness
In order to effect change we understand that we need to raise awareness amongst different sectors of the community.

Advocate for policy reform
In some areas of our work we will advocate for policy change.

We will raise funds for all our work. Our fundraising efforts will be for specific projects as well as for general funding.

We will engage in specific outreach programmes either in partnership with others or on our own where we feel that we are in the best possible position to carry out this work.

To learn more about the particular issues that we are focus on please click here.

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